Land sculpture project under construction
30x30m (aprox.)
Porto, Portugal
Collaborattion with A+ Paisagem - Landscape Architecture Office

Considering the proposal of collaborating with a team of architects and landscape designers by creating a sculpture for a public garden, it was unavoidable to reflect about some concepts of a contemporary public art.

Nowadays, it is not enough to simply depose a sculptural peace in the space. It is necessary to think and feel the place, the genius locci, creating in it, for it, with it an integrating element.
By working with this team it became for me irresistible drawing the nature and modeling a sculpture in vegetal life.

Thinking about our space-object I realized the need to create an element that would serve the ludicity, that became a place of rest but also of passage. And at this moment it became possible to bring to this place the artwork I've been developing: the appropriation of drawings from child literature illustration, small girls that are transformed by me into icons. These girls become heroines of parables reflecting different issues of our nowadays life. The question here is how to use and enjoy the public space. How do we live it? How do we appropriate it? The heroine that will give identity to this new garden is a lying girl made out of meadow and therefore inviting us to do the same. She calls us for interaction to use her as a ludic element because this heroine also plays with us. She is made from an up-and-down topography and dressing herself in different colors in each season of the year. This is then a proposal for a space of leisure that pretends to stimulate the senses and the imagination of everybody that will host or be hosted by the garden girl.